The Big Lebowski

10 Movies To Watch While High

Do stoner movies make you laugh, get you high or simply make you want to smoke some more? If yes, then you ought to be aware of the best movies you can watch while blazed. These are movies that feature marijuana and/or stoners in some capacity, and generally include slapstick humor and weed glorification. Here is a look at some of the best and funniest stoner movies.

1. Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

This is a story of a young black man named Ashtray (Shawn Wayans) who is forced to move into a tough hood in a Los Angeles slum. Things heat up when he has to live with his pot-smoking Grandma (Helen Martin). He is introduced to a nuclear-armed gangster group by his cousin. However, he falls in love with Dashiki (Tracey Cherelle Jones), a poet who struggles to help him live a weed free life. You will love how things eventually turn out in this great movie.

2. Dude, Where's My Car

If you are looking for the best movies to watch high, then this should be on top of your list. Featuring two crazy party animals who always have a sweet time whenever time they go out, up until the time they couldn’t remember where they parked their car, and so they try to trace their steps. This is the beginning of a long ride, which includes aliens, secret societies, and tons of hot women.

3. Grandma’s Boy

Video game creator Alex (Allen Covert) and his roommate can’t pay their rent, and Alex finds himself homeless. He decides to move in with Lily (Doris Roberts), his grandmother. She loves hanging out with her old pals watching TV all day. This doesn’t go well with the pot-smoker Alex. A love story also plays out when he meets his co-worker Samantha (Linda Cardellini).

4. Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke

Slacker and amateur drummer, Anthony Stoner (Tommy Chong) is now unemployed and a total stoner who ditches his straight-laced parents and hits the neighborhood. This is where he meets Pedro de Pacas (Cheech Marin). The duo are first arrested for possession of marijuana. But the interesting events of the movie are just getting started when they are released on a technicality.

5. Puff, Puff, Pass

Are you looking for a movie that’s full of pothead humor? Puff, Puff, Pass will have you glued to your screen. The movie stars hopeless stoners (Danny Masterson, Mekhi Phifer). Chaos strikes when these two nutheads devise a scheme to scam a criminal kingpin. Now let your imagination run wild regarding what could possibly go wrong, and you will just be starting the scratch the surface of this movie’s hyjinx.

6. Bong Water

Luke Wilson, who plays David, is an Oregon slacker content to sell drugs and occasionally work on his art. He meets the beautiful Serena and decides to engage in life more fully and pursues what he loves doing but this time with a sense of purpose. However, he eventually drifts back to his old habits after his girlfriend departs to live in New York City. Will the two reunite and deliver David from his life of pot smoking?

7. Pineapple Express

This is one of the most-watched stoner movies on Netflix that reveals the great enjoyment of a rare strain of Marijuana. However, stoner Dale Denton's involvement proves to be fatal when he drops his roach in a panic after being a witness of murder. The fact that the fancy weed can be traced back to them, Denton and his dealer now have to deal with a dangerous drug lord and a crooked cop.

8. The Big Lebowski

This is one of the top stoner movies popular among pot-lovers. Jeff Lebowski insists on being called “the Dude”. He is a laid-back and easygoing burnout who has the same name as a millionaire whose wife owes a lot of money to some dangerous people in the neighborhood. You will just have to watch the movie to find out how their paths cross.

9. Friday

The original Friday is an all-time stoner comedy classic, featuring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Craig (Ice Cube) is a man in his late 20’s, living at home, who finds out that he has lost his job while on his day off. His friend Smokey (Chris Tucker) offers to console him with marijuana. Craig has never smoked before, but reluctantly accepts Smokey’s offer, because he realizes he has no job and nothing better to do with his day. Friday’s plot revolves around Craig & Smokey’s interactions with other characters living in the neighborhood, including a drug kingpin named Big Worm, who has run out of patience with Smokey, who happens to be one of his low-level dealers.

10. Next Friday

The life of Craig (played by Ice Cube) is full of drama. He bails out his troublesome friend, survives a confrontation with the neighborhood bully Debo and ends up with the hottest girl in the neighborhood. Debo, who spent two years in jail was on a mission to get back at Craig as soon as he was released. That’s when Craig’s father decides to send his son to live with his Uncle Elroy. But surprise, surprise, trouble still follows Craig, even at his Uncle’s home.

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