What Happens If You Eat Weed

What Happens If You Eat Weed?

Eating Weed

If you are perusing our website, chances are pretty good that you have probably seen at least a few movies/tv shows in your day where a stoner character has had to ingest a large quantity of marijuana in order to hide it from the police or other authoritarian entity, and invariably, you end up seeing that stoner become high as a kite after a little while. So, it makes sense that you have probably wondered before (if you haven’t already tried it yourself), what exactly happens if you eat weed? Let’s examine this question more closely.

It would be very easy to assume that all methods of marijuana ingestion are created equally, and eating a gram of raw weed would get you just as lifted as smoking a gram joint, but, in reality, this is far from the truth. While eating a gram of weed might slowly create a small high (depending on your tolerance and how well-cured the bud is), there is no doubt that you would get much higher by chiefing the gram J straight the face. Fortunately, there is a good answer as to why this is true.

When marijuana buds are still on the plant and growing, you might think that that is pot at its freshest and dankest and will get you the highest, but the reality is that that is not the case. A lot of the THC in marijuana is created during the curing process. When marijuana is still on the plant and uncured, it contains a chemical, THC’s cousin, THCA, which is non-psychoactive. So, needless to say, if you were to eat uncured buds right off the plant, you would probably not feel many, if any, psychoactive “stoned” effects.

However, if you have cured buds in your possession and you eat them, you may feel some effect, because, as previously mentioned, the curing process converts some of the bud’s THCA into THC. With that being said, the majority of THCA to THC conversion happens when heat is applied, so, obviously, burning your ganja in a pipe, bong, joint, blunt, vaporizer, etc., is going to give you your best bang for your buck in terms of getting the most THC into your system as possible with the weed that you have.

For all your cannabis cooks out there, this is why you don’t just chop up buds and toss them directly into your brownie batter raw. Sure, you’ll get some effect out of them, but cooking the marijuana down into cannabutter activates and extracts much more THC (since THC loves binding to the fat in butter/oil), and therefore, cannabutter will get you much MUCH higher than if you were to simply ingest the raw weed that you were going to put into the butter, by itself.

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When you throw into the mix the facts that pot, frankly, doesn’t taste all that good raw (plus it’s hard to chew up and hard to swallow without water), and that most marijuana buds have been sprayed with some form of pesticide (or other chemicals), that doesn’t make direct ingestion sound very appealing.

Can You Get High From Eating Weed: Conclusion

To wrap this blog up in a neat and tidy package, and answer our original question, “what happens if you eat weed”, the reality is-- not much. Depending on whether your buds are fresh off the plant or cured, you may be able to receive a small stoned effect (you may also wind up with a tummy ache from the chemicals or the fact that you body just isn’t used to digesting raw pot), but you will never get the same amazing effect as if you were to smoke or vape your herb (or take the necessary steps to make your own properly made edibles). So, to all our cannabis companions out there, do us and yourself a favor, and just smoke your buds, don’t eat them.

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