Does Weed Go Bad

Does Weed Go Bad?

Though prohibited in many parts of the world, marijuana is among the the world’s most used drugs. If you have been consuming it, then it’s okay to have questions, such as, does marijuana go bad, or does weed expire? Unfortunately, over time, weed can lose some of its potency, but in truth, it doesn’t expire in the conventional sense. Weed can get old by decreasing its overall quality and essence as time goes on. It declines in quality because of the loss of its oil content that occurs naturally in the plant. Over time, the oil dries and loses its potency.

Shelf Life of Weed

Due to the various kinds of weed, the shelf life of this drug can differ. Other factors that affect its shelf life include the process of harvesting, curing, drying, and storage. In general, weed is perceived to have a shelf life of between one and two years if stored properly. Since the time line is wide, you can subtract or add some months when it comes to shelf life extension. The major point to keep in mind is that you will not have to worry if your weed can go bad as long as it has been stored appropriately.

Weed Storage Tips

Keep the buds as large as possible because breaking them into smaller nugs will lead to a decline of THC crystals that will in turn accelerate the decomposition process. Avoid freezing and defrosting as they usually break the cell walls resulting in quality degradation. Try to maintain 10-23.8 degrees celsius to prevent oxidation that results in expiration.

Try to limit the amount of moisture around your bud too since wet marijuana might grow bacteria or mold and dry weed might burn up your throat and can lose its potency. A ceramic or glass jar are the best storage options. They will maintain the ideal moisture balance, thus prolonging your cannabis shelf life. If you plan to store your stash for more than six months, seal it in a vacuum for lasting freshness.

Spotting Bad Weed

Smell, appearance, and texture are the main ways to tell good weed from bad-- marijuana traditionally has a dark green appearance, pungent fruity odors, and dense, sticky texture. If you are finding your herb has light brown discoloration & yellow blotches, those are signs of weed drying out or otherwise going bad. If weed smells exceedingly funky or odorless, then that’s a sign of bad weed. Lastly, when checking to see if your weed has gone bad, look out for molds on the surface. Weed with mold is unsafe to consume since some types of mold can lead to cancer.

Additional Tip

When your weed gets old and no longer tastes good by itself, you don’t have to throw it away. Just place it with a piece of your favorite fruit in the freezer. The weed takes in the fruit flavor and, in turn, enhances the flavor when consumed. Although it’s less effective due to the decline of its quality and original taste, you can enjoy the fruit flavored joint.

In sum, weed does grow old, and even expires. Therefore, store your product in a cool and dry place and look out for signs of bad weed as mentioned above to keep off the bad vibes that comes with expired marijuana.

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